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3 years ago

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Pros and cons of public, private and hybrid clouds

You certainly have heard of the cloud computing service, so you must be eager to find out how this technology can empower your business. The thing is that there are several types of cloud, such as private, public and hybrid ones. Here is a nice article about different types of clouds and their pros and cons. Read More

Enterprises invest in security

The battle for enterprise security has begun a few years before Edward Snowden and cost billions for many companies. Many have suffered from information leaks, outside hackers and angry employees. Along with new opportunities, cloud computing creates new threats for data security, so companies, governments and IT giants have to deal with it. Read More

Enterprise mobile applications will be a billion market opportunity

The use of mobile technology for enterprise solutions is a vast opportunity. It could help thousands of people to improve their performance and it promises evergrowing demand for different kinds of apps. This article predicts $100 million revenues in mobile enterprise industry within the next ten years. Read More

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