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5 Reasons to Create E-learning Website

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create e-learning website

Classical education seems for a lot of people no longer efficient enough as it takes too much time to get a degree while providing too much useless information, which is rarely used in your career. Some educational centers like MIT and Berkeley in particular already have e-learning systems in place and many others are sure to follow. These also help people who wouldn’t be able to afford a decent education otherwise. Let’s discuss 5 reasons to create an e-learning website any startup should consider.

E-learning Phenomenon

While older generations remember the world before mobile and can compare technologies back then to what we have today, the youth doesn’t have such luxury. Mobile is all they know and as youth is the main audience for learning. Teachers should deal with this fact. E-learning websites like Coursera and others offer the new approach to education: learners can remotely receive knowledge they want when it’s convenient for them. Here are some major benefits of this approach:

  • You decide your own syllabus. Students can select the course they want and set the schedule according to their interests. This ensures receiving the sufficient knowledge only.
  • No class limit. Hundreds and thousands of students can learn the same course simultaneously while classrooms can rarely house more than several dozen students.
  • Convenient schedule. You can view videos and read texts whenever you feel comfortable, instead of dedicating huge chunks of time to it. Learn while commuting in a subway, on a train, or on a plane.
  • Learn at your pace. Students study at their own pace, as there are no final exam dates. If you have time and capabilities to master the course in a month you will receive a certificate in a month. If it takes you half a year so be it, there is no rush.
  • Ease of comprehension. You can pause and re-watch the video if anything is unclear, ensuring that you understand 100% of the information.

We can conclude that choosing e-learning platform instead of classroom studies will become relatively competitive to the old-fashioned ways of education in the years to come as it provides a multitude of benefits.

Building Your Own E-learning Platform

Demand creates supply; as more and more people worldwide prefer using e-learning solution to attending classes, a huge market emerges. Building some kind of an e-learning platform around core product or idea may be a promising approach for startups. This can be highly beneficial for several reasons:

  • keeping your target audience engaged;
  • gathering feedback and improving a website and material quality;
  • improving your team’s skills and customer experience;
  • building business relations with other companies and investors;
  • monetizing the traffic.

Let’s take a closer look at these reasons.

Keeping Your Target Audience Engaged

If you are building a startup around some innovative idea or product, interactive courses, explaining the details of your product are much better for understanding than the most detailed FAQ descriptions and instructions. The interaction between your staff and your audience will bring very fruitful results in terms on making your product more popular and keeping your audience engaged.

Gathering Feedback and Improving Website and Material Quality

Once deployed, our e-learning platform will almost immediately begin producing feedback. Students might have questions on a topic not yet covered in your courses, or have issues with some website design or functionality. Hiring professionals in web development services can ensure you will have the needed tools to adjust website design or information according to your customers’ requests.

Improving Your Team’s Skills and Customer Experience

Nobody is born a spokesman, yet anybody can become one. If your team members deliver educational videos and communicate with your audience, both their communicational skills and self-esteem will increase, which can be only beneficial for the team. In addition, being able to ask a developer directly and receive a detailed video guide on the issue in response helps a lot in building strong customer relations.

Building Business Relations with other Companies and Investors

When you have a strong online presence and an active audience, supporting your cause through using your e-learning solution, your company is a much more interesting partner for other companies and investors.

Monetizing the Traffic

Once your product or service is operational and fully described in your educational guides, once you are able to deploy lots of information from other companies, on their related or supplementary products, once you have a platform for deploying information, where people can study what they want and when they want – you will definitely succeed. You can place some relevant ads or begin taking subscription fees, or find other means of monetizing traffic – the web will be your playground.

Come on, maybe you are the next Coursera? Give it a try!

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