7 tips for choosing the best outsourcing software development team


3 years ago

The great thing about Elance is that it actually is “the eBay of outsourcing”. You can find here any help you need and make real products out of your ideas. Though it is easy to use, some people have troubles collaborating with the software developers on outsourcing platforms. 
Hundreds, if not thousands of contractors are ready to work with you, so we decided to help you find the best outsourcing software team and make a list of best practices.

1. Make your project title and outline efficient

The title of your project is crucial. You need to get the attention of your future outsourcing workers. Make it detailed, understandable and correct, so that your requirements are clear. 
Anything else should be in the description of the project. Applicants shouldn’t guess what you want. You are the boss, and you must know what is of top, middle, or low priority for your project.

2. Safety

Escrow protects you and the contractor, so only after funding the escrow with the appropriate amount that you could begin the work. The other safety tip is workflow screenshots that allow you to monitor the working process. Simple screenshots of what your contractors are doing speaks for their progress better than anything else.

3. Application development companies or single developers?

When hiring a company there is always a risk that they will hire third-party staff for a lower price to work for them. There is no exact ways to really know whether you are talking to the person who is supposed to do the work. As a result you pay higher price, the communication is disrupted and the results are unpredictable. This is not the rule, but anyway, you should be careful.

4. Deadline is a must

Give your executives deadlines with economic inducements. Pay bonus costs for exact and  early finish. You should be the leader and you are the first person interested in getting the job done. Be prepared and set the right example.

5. Communicate with your contractors.  

Talk to your potential candidates via Skype before hiring and don’t hesitate to ask any, even pressing questions. When having a chat session interview, pay attention not only to the meaning, but also to the grammar and intonations. 

6. Have a test

Always give your contractor approximately 10 hours of testing work to see how they do. If you like the results and get confident about their abilities, you will hire them long-term. 

7. Do they really want the job?

Experienced providers are more reliable, they know what to do from the idea to the maintenance stage, and are used to deadlines. They also have a lot of positive feedback, which is very important. But you should also look for the ones passionate about the topic. Enthusiastic developers pay more attention to the project thus do things better.  

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